“The reason why I want to write is just to say how deeply I and many other prisoners appreciated your group’s visit to our prison. I was moved by your music and inspired by your preaching. Your ministry reaches out and touches hearts in a way that you cannot imagine. I know from my conversations with other prisoners that you brought the Gospel alive and into our hearts in a most remarkable way. Praise the Lord!”

“Since coming out of prison, I have had extensive contact with PON. Indeed when Channel 5 made a documentary about my own prison journey, PON were featured in the broadcast programme.”

“I consider PON to be an organisation of the highest integrity doing wonderful evangelistic work in many prisons. For this reason I have agreed to become the Patron of PON.”

Jonathan Aitken, Patron


“They have demonstrated their commitment and ability to meet the varying needs of our prisoners and to do so within the constraints that prison life imposes. They are well received by our prisoners. I am happy to recommend them as an organisation that is suitable for working through the Prison Chaplaincy.”

Rev’d Roger Green, former Chaplain, HMP Brixton LONDON


“I have no hesitation in recommending Prison Outreach. Their vitality, warmth, commitment and practical concern for the spiritual needs of men and women in prison provide a much needed and valuable resource in our ministry.”

Rev’d Terry Mann, Co-ordinating Chaplain, HMP Camp Hill, IOW


“A WORD OF WARNING! Their style of worship is exuberant – to say the least (more like an ammunition dump which is on fire!) There’s a strong flavour of Afro-Caribbean, mixed with Hip-Hop and Rap. So please don’t expect 1662 prayer books! Nevertheless, many of our guys come from that sort of a background, and I was intrigued to see how the team communicated with them. If you are considering having Prison Outreach Network into your prison, I commend them to you, though I advise you to check out beforehand about whether their style will be acceptable in your context and whether or not the congregation may get a bit hyper.”

Rev’d Richard Higginbottom, former Chaplain at Camp Hill, IOW