About Us

Who are Prison Outreach Network (PON)?

We are an dynamic inter-church ministry set up by Christian volunteers from churches across  the UK and Northern Ireland.

PON  was founded in 1986 for, and by, Christians, who want to use their  diverse God given gifts and talents, and who  needed a  platform, to  proclaim their faith to those in  prisons.

Our members and invited artists come from a broad spectrum of churches and different denominations. Some members are ex-offender themselves and our members come from diverse ethnic, professional and social backgrounds.

PON prides itself on being a family which welcomes individuals and church groups who have the same shared vision, which is to be a Christian witness in prisons.

There is a minimum age requirement, (18 years old) to visit with us, and there is no upper age limit.

PON  aims to present the Christian message in contemporary and traditional ways, working with HM Chaplains.  We therefore hope that whatever  your denomination or background, you will feel that as a member, artist or supporter, you have a place to serve and grow within PON.

Mission and Purpose

Our mission

Is simply to see incarcerated men, women and young people, their families and their communities transformed by the life changing, transforming message of Christ.

Our  purpose

Is to take the Christian message into prisons, young offenders institution and holding centres while continually seeking to present the gospel and Christian values and beliefs in a dynamic and   relevant way.

How we operate

PON recognises that offences are committed for a variety of reasons. In order for reoffending to diminish or cease, the Christian foundations of  hope, transformation and reconciliation must also be translated into practical programmes to promote recovery and rehabilitation. We believe that  self esteem, self control and discipline and  the guidance of a Mentor are key elements of  successful rehabilitation.

On this basis, PON teach inmates about the love of Jesus and his life changing power by imparting bible focused life skills in the form of:

  • Teaching , Preaching, Bible Studies & Prayer
  • Alpha Course
  • Mentoring in and outside prisons/detention centres
  • STARI –  Spiritual Therapy Against Rage Issues (6 weeks course)
  • POGA – Power Of Good Advice (On-Going programme based on the Book Of Proverbs)
  • Music vocal workshops
  • Attendance at an informal fellowship group for ex-offenders
  • Participation in accredited mentor schemes for offenders and ex-offenders.