The rota for 2017 is as follows:




PDF file (pdf):

WORD file (docx): 



All PON members and artists/performers are welcomed to visit any prison listed above, subject to authorisation from the Chaplain/Prison.

Please ensure that your completed rota reaches us at least 10 clear days before your selected visit, and note that some prisons may require greater notice.

In the unlikely event that you need to cancel, please provide us with no less than 48 hours (2 clear days) notice.

Prisons visits with PON is conditional that you attend our monthly meetings and at least 1 training session per year.  Training sessions take place on the same date as the monthly meetings, and are done in place of the meeting on that occasion.  Refer to the notices section of this website for forthcoming meeting dates, locations and details of training.

Requests for visits

If you are a chaplain and would like us to visit your prison, young offenders institution or immigration removal centre, please contact us.

In accordance with our rules of conduct, please note that all requests for us to visit must be made by the Chaplain.

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