Prison Rule 70 / YOI Rule 74:

No person shall, without authority, convey into or throw into or deposit in a prison, or convey or throw out of a prison, or convey to a prisoner, or deposit in any place with intent that it shall come into the possession of a prisoner, any article whatever. Anything so conveyed, thrown or deposited may be confiscated by the governor.

Prohibited items

Prohibited items are graded according to their seriousness and perceived threat to security and safety within a prison, and are classified as List A, List B or List C items.

List A items – drugs, explosives, firearms or ammunition and any other offensive weapon

List B items –  alcohol, mobile telephones, cameras, sound recording devices (or constituent part of the latter three items)

List C items – List C items – any tobacco, money, clothing, food, drink, letters, paper, books, tools, information technology equipment



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