Get Involved


The PON is  a self –financing ministry and currently does not receive  sponsorship from  government  organisations.  We  therefore greatly appreciate and value financial  support from individuals, churches or groups who  wish to contribute to the  work of  PON.  You can provide a one-off gift  or become a regular giver by clicking to donate on the secure donation facility on the left of this webpage.


PON recognise the importance and benefits of partnering with organisations working with offenders and ex-offenders. We seek to work collaboratively with churches and organisations with shared goals who specialise in other areas of rehabilitation and education for offenders and ex-offenders.  If you would like to know more about PON and how we may work together in prisons or   meet with our members, then why not join us at  our monthly Prison Fellowship Meeting  which is held the last Saturday of every month, except for December. Alternatively if you would like us to contact you, please submit your details  here.